Everybody Goes To Hank's

from Lucky One by Alex McMurray

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Much has been made of Hanks Supermarket recently. We are all of us looking for a Safe Space for Chicken and booze, it turns out. There are many fine songs and even videos which take place within those hallowed halls including fine ones by Tank and the Bangas and Nick Shoulders www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqMb4-fg0fU. Based on the stage play "Everybody Comes To Rick’s", which eventually morphed into the film "Casablanca" starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. Let's go shopping!


oh your money can’t buy you grace
take the years off of your face
buy you things you can’t replace you fool you fool
and your youth can’t save you now
you’ll be older soon somehow--it’s very cruel
but everybody knows...

you’ll see everyone you know
it’s all part of the show
if you’re high or if you’re low it’s all the same
and when you been through it all not a soul will recall what was your name
cuz everybody knows everybody goes to hank's

it’s the same thing every time
get your chicken and your wine
you pay the man in dimes from off the floor
and he he sings something strange
and then he smiles and slips the change into his drawer
cuz everybody knows everybody goes to hank's

i see the light is on
i see the light is on
i see the light is on, don't you?

now the days are getting short
brings me no joy to report
that we might have to abort this crazy scheme
these are strange days indeed
you'd better pack just what you need this ain’t no dream
cuz everybody knows everybody goes to hank's

i see the light is on
i see the light is on
i see the light is on, don't you?


from Lucky One, released February 11, 2020
AM guitar, vox, etc plus
Mike Dillon-percussion
Jason Jurzak-bass
Recorded and mixed by Mike Napolitano at the Nappy Dugout, New Orleans, LA
Mastered by Brent Lambert at Kitchen Mastering, Carrboro, NC
Photo by AM, design by Kourtney Keller
contact: info@alexmcmurray.com


all rights reserved



Alex McMurray New Orleans, Louisiana

I'm a New Orleans based singer songwriter type. I play in a bunch of bands. I make recordings sometimes. Some of them are here. Thanks for supporting my work. Drop me a line--I'd love to hear from you.

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