I'll Be Damned

from Lucky One by Alex McMurray



Funny--I couldn't find a song out there with this title. I'm surprised that American Country Music hadn't mined this trope as of yet. A softball down the middle. And even if you don't like it, it gets out of the way fast.


get me outta this place i don’t mind saying
everybody seems a little too cool
it’s just fine if you don’t mind playin the fool
ain’t no signal and there ain’t no sign
and i’m tired of being last in line
i be damned
and baby that’ll be just fine

push me in a wheelbarrow sit me on a mule
put me on a broke down train
get me outta here quick
cuz everybody going insane
c’mon lock the door let’s go see where
everybody likes it just like me
i be damned
just like my momma said to me

(i be damned) everybody gonna jump off the roof
(i be damned) i’ll be honest i can’t stand the truth
come on over baby we swimming in a lake of fire
test your knowledge taste the fruit
get ya fitted for a creosote boot
& get down below where folks get a little bit higher

(i be damned) we dancing in a meat house locker
(i be damned) my baby she’s a real shit talker
nothing wrong with raisin up a little hell
put on that dress paint your mouth
let’s go see what things are like down south
ill be damned and baby let’s go down the well


from Lucky One, released February 11, 2020
AM guitar & vox
Carlo Nuccio-drums &vocals
Joe Cabral-bass, saxophones & vocals
Glenn Hartman-piano
Recorded and mixed by Mike Napolitano at the Nappy Dugout, New Orleans, LA
Mastered by Brent Lambert at Kitchen Mastering, Carrboro, NC
Photo by AM, design by Kourtney Keller
contact: info@alexmcmurray.com


all rights reserved



Alex McMurray New Orleans, Louisiana

I'm a New Orleans based singer songwriter type. I play in a bunch of bands. I make recordings sometimes. Some of them are here. Thanks for supporting my work. Drop me a line--I'd love to hear from you.

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