Dear Old Daddy

from Lucky One by Alex McMurray



An open letter to my son. Hopefully I will live long enough to deny everything. Recorded with our good friends Will and Amy up in the wonderful city of Memphis, TN.


now I don’t get around much anymore
it takes so long to get up off the floor
you got me on my knees the whole day thru
sometimes it hurts for me to play with you
so many things that you won’t understand
’til you grow up to be an older man
now i’m gonna be right here until i’m not
until then what you see is all i got

now don’t you move so fast, buddy can’t you see
i’m your dear old daddy—take it easy on me

and when i think about my younger days
running wild with my childish ways
i’m glad you never met the younger me
i wasn’t always nice as i could be
when i go to pick you up from school
they wanna know whose grandpa are you?
& the other mothers never look my way
sometimes i think they wish i’d go away
so let’s ditch this place you better hold my hand
i’m your dear old daddy doing the best i can

one fine day
make it worth every tear i had
to hear you say
dad you wasn’t really all that bad

things will fall apart in fits and spurts
i’m keeping track of everything that hurts
& one day i’m gonna bill you for my time
until then everything that’s yours is mine
but what i wanna say for what it’s worth
is that i love you more than anything on earth
& I’m gonna keep on waking up and hopefully
i’ll stick around until you’re sick of me

but until that day i hope you understand
i’m your dear old daddy doing the best i can
until that day i hope you understand
i’m your dear old daddy
doing the best i can


from Lucky One, released February 11, 2020
AM guitar & vox
Carlo Nuccio-drums
Amy Lavere-bass
Will Sexton-guitar
Recorded and mixed by Daniel Lynn at Music And Arts Studio Memphis, TN
Additional recording by Mike Napolitano at The Nappy Dugout, New Orleans, LA
Mastered by Brent Lambert at Kitchen Mastering, Carrboro, NC
Photo by AM, design by Kourtney Keller


all rights reserved



Alex McMurray New Orleans, Louisiana

I'm a New Orleans based singer songwriter type. I play in a bunch of bands. I make recordings sometimes. Some of them are here. Thanks for supporting my work. Drop me a line--I'd love to hear from you.

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